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30 - 31 October 
Hong Kong & Shenzhen

Join Us for the WSBI 2023 Study Visit: A Deep Dive into the Future of Fintech and Digital Banking during the Hong Kong Fintech Week!

Ever wonder how traditional banks and fintech startups evolve from fierce competitors to dynamic collaborators? Interested in how Asia is
leading the charge in digital financial innovation? The WSBI 2023 Study Visit offers you an insider's look into the evolving world of fintech
and digital banking within the buzzing hub of Hong Kong Fintech Week.


Our mission? To guide you through some of Asia's most forward-thinking companies as they reshape banking and financial inclusion in a
region that stands at the cutting edge of digital transformation. Discover firsthand the revolutionary ideas and technologies emerging from
Greater China, where a staggering 86% of the population uses mobile payments.

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